Agile heavy industrial equipment design and engineering to complex problems

Every day, Hydrexcel commits to always offering adjusted solutions to your needs. In this fast-paced world, being equipped to meet your client’s needs is essential. With over 35 years of experience, our heavy industrial equipment design and engineering expertise and attention to crucial details has enabled us to stand out in the industry. Be assured that your trust is well-placed in our heavy industrial equipment.

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Identifying the objectives and problems to solve

Before even starting the design, understanding the problems we have to solve is essential. Production optimization, working environment safety, or new product creation are a few of the many goals you may want to achieve. By allowing time to meet you, our team of engineers can determine which problems will need to be addressed and accordingly begin to regroup the resources required for the project.

Complex solution design

The skills our team has acquired throughout the numerous projects accomplished allow us to offer you innovative solutions. With our agile modelization and resistance of material calculations software programs, at Hydrexcel, we design the fittest solution to your precise requirements. All of this under the supervision of senior engineers. 

Equipment built for your industrial projects

Learn more about Hydrexcel production capacities, and the equipment that will help you materialize your industrial projects.

Production capacities

Discovering Hydrexcel’s services


Heavy equipment industrial manufacture is achieved in totality internally for optimal quality control. From machining to delivery, you can count on Hydrexcel’s vast expertise for your complex projects.

Industrial project

Throughout the process, we carry out increased operation management to respect our objectives. We team up with you to build a trusting relationship and partnership.

Developing safely and trustfully

“When we have large projects to achieve, knowing we can lean on our partners is essential. Hydrexcel helps us with wrought iron manufacturing. From guardrails to aluminum gateways, we know we will receive our order in time and that their products will meet the quality standards required. Their experienced team allows us to delegate with complete trust.”

– Guy Pageau, Nico Métal

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