Wrought iron for your team’s safety

Industrial equipment manufacturer for more than 35 years, Hydrexcel can produce wrought iron pieces from A to Z to answer your many industrial needs.

Your employees must feel safe in their working environment. Solid wrought iron secures your team members while allowing them to focus on their tasks. 

Our certified expertise in wrought iron put us in a leading place to offer solutions to your complex problems with a turnkey service.

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Wrought iron are ideals for:

Hydrexcel works in tight collaboration with your technicians, engineers, buyers, and with business owners committed to concretizing their idea with durable products.

A variety of wrought iron equipment

Wrought iron design is a process that requires a focus on health and safety. Hydrexcel developed undeniable expertise in the business by establishing safe solutions for many companies. From the first meeting to your industrial equipment installation, we provide you with advice on the best solutions adapted to your team’s reality and yours.


Working with Hydrexcel

An healthy and safe workplace through
durable products manufactured by CNESST standards.

Your company infrastructures have to show impeccable quality to meet CNESST standards. Hydrexcel products ensure the safety of your workplace regardless of your infrastructure’s complexity.

Durable railings
for optimal safety

For many years now, Nico Metal has given its trust to Hydrexcel. Our most recent partnership allowed the manufacture of a big production of railings destined for a large-scale project. Click on the button for more details about the project, and the client’s testimony.
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Wrought iron equipment
manufacture related services

When manufacturing your wrought iron equipment, Hydrexcel understands your reality is unique. That’s why we invest a lot of time designing your equipment so it meets your complex requirements.


  • Mechanically welded equipment
  • Precision machining
  • Folding
  • Cutting
  • Rolling
  • Mechanics
  • Industrial painting
  • Installation

Complex project

We spend considerable time managing projects to properly understand their complexity and address it.

Design and

  • Design meeting
  • Drawings
  • Computer modelling

Hydrexcel production capacity
Technical specificities

  • 0 à 20 000 lbs lifting capacity
  • 18 ft height maximum
  • 70 ft x 40 ft maximum length assembly
  • 20 ft x 20 ft x 30 ft shot blasting maximum
  • 20 ft x 20 ft x 50 ft for painting
  • Near 1 000 h / week production capacity
  • 35 000 ft² factory surface
  • High capacity storage

Our production capacities