Proactive industrial management project, delays respected, optimal quality control

Good industrial project management is reactive. Excellent industrial project management is proactive. Hydrexcel ensures proactive management through administrators that cumulate 35 years of experience in the field. Before even starting your heavy industrial equipment production, we can foresee the challenges to come and overcome them with agility. Our proactive approach allows us to know beforehand what the next step is to respect requested delays and ensure optimal quality control.

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A reflection that transcends the plan

Hydrexcel works in collaboration with you from day one to determine the technical challenges. From the moment we receive the quotation, our team furthers the reflection and proceeds to optimization of the initial plan by adjusting it to the challenge to foresee. Going through adjustments and corrections allows for a detailed design where every details will be overseen.

Quality control throughout the process

We understand that, by working with us, you expect an outstanding service and quality products. Hydrexcel’s strength resides in its complete in-house industrial manufacturing process that allows optimal control of the quality and increased project management. During the production process, a quality handbook is filled and given to you afterwhile to let you know the quality follow-ups regularly achieved. This follow-up method, combined with schedule control communications, allows you to be aware of the production progression.

Heavy industrial equipment by Hydrexcel

To automate its production line, this client called Hydrexcel to design and manufacture this heavy industrial equipment lot. Through our experienced industrial project management, we supplied the required equipment within the timeframe requested.

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Equipment built for your industrial projects

Learn more about Hydrexcel production capacities, and the equipment that will help you materialize your industrial projects.

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Discovering Hydrexcel’s services

Design and

Our team allows a lot of time for the reflection and design to determine your needs in industrial equipment. This way, we can offer sound solutions to your reality, regardless of the project’s complexity.


Your heavy equipment industrial manufacturing is completely achieved internally for an optimal quality control. From machining to delivery, you can count on Hydrexcel’s vast expertise for your complex projects.

Developing safely and trustfully

“When we have large projects to achieve, knowing we can lean on our partners is essential. Hydrexcel helps us with wrought iron manufacturing. From guardrails to aluminum gateways, we know we will receive our order in time and that their products will meet the quality standards required. Their experienced team allows us to delegate with complete trust.”

– Guy Pageau, Nico Métal

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