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When materializing ideas, choosing an industrial equipment supplier equipped to answer all your requests (a one-stop shop) is advantageous. That’s one of our strengths at Hydrexcel, thanks to our internal industrial manufacturing process. In addition to allowing us to carry on prime quality control, it helps us offer short shipping delays and optimal operations follow-up.

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Precision machining

Our heavy industrial equipment manufacturing process may require conventional machining on the milling machine, the drill, or the turning blade. Our team, as well as our equipment, adjusts very well to every type of industry for polyvalent precision machining.

Steel folding

The second step of industrial manufacturing is to fold the metal used in your heavy industrial equipment. An operation that is entirely accomplished in our factory, according to the project’s requirements. Our team pays special attention to the process to ensure the work is precisely done.


Production capacity:
maximum ½ x 12 ft.

Metal cutting

Metal cutting expertise developed by Hydrexcel allows us to take charge of large-scale projects. Depending on the metal thickness, we can adjust our technique using laser cutting over plasma cutting and vice-versa. Contact us to schedule an exploratory meeting regarding your project.

Metal rolling

Metal rolling is a crucial step of the industrial manufacturing process. Our rolling equipment is first-grade quality and supervised by a team that masters steel, aluminum, and inox handling.


Hydrexcel’s team has met your welding requirements for more than 35 years. Tested and certified, our welding expertise has enabled us to establish sound solutions for your complex problems through hundreds of projects.

Shot blasting

Shot blasting metal to prepare it for the finish is the key to ensuring a prime and durable painting. Shot blasting is a process that requires the skills of an experienced team; make sure you choose a heavy industrial manufacturer able to meet these types of needs.


Pieces maximum size: 
20 pi x 20 pi x 30 ft. 

Industrial painting

Hydrexcel can take charge of your entire equipment finish with liquid paint that is optimal for industrial purposes and represents the cheapest option. It’s through our attention to details that we deliver equipment with a premium-quality finish.


Pieces maximum size:
30 pi x 20 pi x 50 ft.

Mechanical assembly

Your different industrial equipment pieces must be assembled with precision in order to obtain a finished product that reaches your expectations. Our assembly process ensures your equipment will be ready to install.


Hydrexcel offers freight delivery within competitive delays. Our many years of experience have inspired us to provide a turnkey service.


Depending on your needs, Hydrexcel can take care of your industrial equipment installation under the supervision of a team past master in the field.

Equipment ready for you industrial project

Learn more about Hydrexcel production capacities and the equipment required for your industrial project materialization..

Production capacities

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Design and

Our team allows a lot of time for the reflection and design processes to ascertain your industrial equipment needs. This way, we can suggest solutions that fit your reality, regardless of your project’s complexity.

Industrial project

Throughout the process, we carry out increased operation management to respect our objectives. We team up with you to build a trusting relationship and partnership.

Developing safely and trustfully

“When we have large projects to achieve, knowing we can lean on our partners is essential. Hydrexcel helps us with wrought iron manufacturing. From guardrails to aluminum gateways, we know we will receive our order in time and that their products will meet the quality standards required. Their experienced team allows us to delegate with complete trust.”

– Guy Pageau, Nico Métal

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