Equipping the heavy industrial sector with prime equipment

Taking charge of large-scale projects, companies working in the heavy industry must be equipped to meet the challenges. Hydrexcel’s equipment is tested and certified to obtain optimal quality. Moreover, our favorable location near Becancour and a railroad facilitates the business relationship between our mutual organizations.
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Equipping the heavy industrial sector with prime equipment

Hydrexcel helps heavy industrial sector companies to optimize their production while securing their operation through a quality handbook frequently updated. Hence, the production follow-up is optimized and the project’s quality ensured. See which systems or heavy equipment Hydrexcel can develop for your business.

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Lifting systems
for the industrial sector

Lifting systems are frequently used in the heavy industrial sector because of the large number of heavy loads to handle. Hydrexcel helps companies by supplying them with heavy industrial equipment that increases performance, is reliable, and prioritizes the employees’ safety.

Handling systems
for the industrial sector

Hydrexcel’s handling systems are an excellent option for every business specializing in the heavy industry and looking to increase its productivity, automate its production line and minimize employee handling. Having worked on hundreds of complex projects, we can design fast, turnkey handling systems.

Complete production line solutions
for the heavy industrial sector

The heavy industrial sector’s operations are technical, and so is the equipment used to develop the finished product. That’s why it’s essential to work with a company employing experienced administrators able to recommend the best production solutions for you. Our design and manufacturing services surpass market standards, giving us flexibility in creating equipment tailored to your requirements.

Mechanically-welded equipment
for the heavy industrial sector

Hydrexcel’s mechanically welded equipment is made turnkey through its many services. You can be assured you will receive durable equipment that will resist the workload for many years.

Wrought iron
for the heavy industrial sector

Hydrexcel is proud to manufacture safe wrought iron equipment that follows CNESST’s highest standards. Benefit from experts’ pieces of advice and from turnkey equipment to develop innovative solutions.

Hydrexcel’s realization in the heavy industrial sector

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