Creating advancement in the mining sector through Hydrexcel’s heavy industrial equipment

Hydrexcel’s experience gives place to further comprehension of different sectors to serve. We understand the mining needs are peculiar. Therefore, our team of experts can develop solutions tailored to your complex problems. Moreover, our favorable geographical position, near Becancour port and a railroad, facilitates your equipment’s transportation.

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Durable heavy industrial equipment made by your requirements

Hydrexcel supports the mining industry with durable products tailored to your standards. We understand your problems are complex, and with the help of our experienced engineers, we create solutions for your production optimization.

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Lifting systems
for the mining sector

The mining industry uses Hydrexcel lifting systems to increase operations performance and efficiency. Heavy industrial equipment that enhances performance and is reliable contributes to mining companies’ pursuit of innovative ways while helping them respond to the market.

Handling systems
for the mining sector

Production chain automation is a key element for every mining company looking to increase their productivity. Handling systems made by Hydrexcel are an excellent option thanks to their durability and tailored manufacture. Entrust your project to an agile team ready to address complex challenges.

Mechanically welded equipment
for the mining sector

The mechanically welded equipment made by Hydrexcel is built to fit the standards of the mines we work with. Mechanically welded equipment is the perfect solution for optimizing and securing your operations with turnkey industrial equipment.

Wrought iron
for the mining sector

Hydrexcel’s wrought iron making process follows CNESST regulations. To reduce accidents hazards, put your trust in an industrial equipment manufacturer that prioritizes workplace safety.

Hydrexcel’s mining sector realizations

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From your equipment design to its installation, Hydrexcel offers a turnkey service

Our team, who’s piling decades of experience, is here to recommend optimization solutions for your company’s profit.

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Our board of administrators has mastered the art of proactive project management.

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Conceiving sustainable solutions to your complex problems.