Faster handling systems for optimal production

Manufacturing heavy industrial equipment has been Hydrexcel’s expertise for over 35 years. We design your handling system from scratch to materialize your idea. 

Optimizing a production chain is crucial to surpass expectations. Handling and conveyor systems are the perfect solutions to automate your factory and gain precious time. For customized service and individual support, step by step, choose Hydrexcel to manufacture your fast handling systems.

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Automated handling systems are ideal for :

Hydrexcel works hand in hand with your technicians, engineers, buyers, and business owners committed to increasing their production speed through optimized handling systems.

Variety of conveying equipment

When designing a conveying system, the key is to find a heavy industrial manufacturer that understands your eagerness to optimize your production line, secure your employees, and reduce your labor cost. It’s precisely what Hydrexcel does by working in collaboration with you along the process, allowing our team to propose complex challenge resolution-oriented solutions. Regardless of the product you need manufactured, we can confidently respond to the demand.

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Fast handling systems
for a complex world

Your company is worth having efficient, fast, and analyzed by the second production chain. That’s why Hydrexcel commits to giving you the performance required to answer the demanding needs of the industries. In tight collaboration with you and your team, Hydrexcel will suggest innovative, reliable, fast, and analyzed solutions to resolve your more complex handling needs.


A performing handling system and optimized production line – Barrette Structural

Searching for equipment to increase their production line, Barrette Structural called on Hydrexcel to manufacture their conveying systems. Many challenges surfaced during the process. Read more to find out how Hydrexcel managed to navigate through the constraints.
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Handling systems
related services

When manufacturing your handling solution, Hydrexcel understands your unique reality. That’s why we invest a lot of time in the design of your solution so that you are satisfied with it.


  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Mechanically welded equipment
  • Precision machining
  • Folding
  • Rolling
  • Industrial painting

Design and

  • Exploratory meeting
  • Drawings
  • Computer modelling

Hydrexcel production capacities
Technical specifications

  • Capacity : 20 000 lbs
  • Conveyor systems’ maximum length possible : 100 ft
  • Variable speed
  • Automatization : according to your need
  • Conveyor – aerial or not : per your request
  • Modular according to the factory type of current

Our production capacities