Hydrexcel has served the manufacturing sector for over 35 years through its heavy equipment

Hydrexcel’s experience gives place to further comprehension of different sectors to serve. We understand that the manufacturing sector is an industry that requires performing equipment to support its ever-growing productivity.
Therefore, our team of experts can develop solutions tailored to your complex problems. Moreover, our favorable geographical position, near Becancour port and a railroad, facilitates your equipment’s transportation.

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Heavy industrial equipment made to last

Hydrexcel supports the manufacturing sector with durable products tailored for its clients requirements. We are able to manufacture a wide range of heavy industrial equipment thanks to our experienced team.

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Lifting systems
for the manufacturing sector

Lifting systems are frequently used in the manufacturing sector for handling optimization. Hydrexcel wants to help manufacturers by supplying them with heavy industrial equipment that increases performance, is reliable, and prioritizes employees’ safety. 

Handling systems
for the manufacturing sector

The handling systems made by Hydrexcel are an excellent option for every manufacturing company looking to increase their productivity, automating their production line and reducing employee handlings. Having worked on hundreds of complex projects, we can create turnkey fast handling systems.

Complete production solutions
for the manufacturing sector

Manufacturing companies all produce different products and thus, require unique production solutions adjusted to their product. Hydrexcel can supply these companies with innovative production solutions designed specifically for them.

Mechanically-welded equipment
for the manufacturing sector

Mechanically welded equipment made by Hydrexcel is built to fit the standards of the manufacturers we work with. Our clients’ needs are precise, and our production capacities enable us to design solutions tailored to their requirements.

Wrought iron
for the manufacturing sector

Hydrexcel’s wrought iron making process follows CNESST regulations. To reduce accidents hazards, put your trust in an industrial equipment manufacturer that prioritizes workplace safety.

Hydrexcel’s realizations
for the manufacturing sector

Nico Metal has entrusted Hydrexcel with its projects for many years now. Our most recent partnership led to the manufacturing of a massive lot of guardrails. Click on the button for more details and the client testimony.
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