Custom Industrial Equipment Services

Whether it is for the modification of one of your industrial equipment or for the design and manufacture of custom steel parts, we are equipped to realize your project and offer you our expertise in mechanized welding, machining and hydraulics. In addition, we realize all stages of production of your equipment, from design to painting, concluded by the delivery and installation.

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Industrial equipment design

Based upon your specifications, our engineering team thinks beyond your needs to develop an ideal solution to maximize your production and profitability. From simple industrial equipment to complex production machinery, we have the answer to help you achieve your goals.

Custom manufacturing of industrial equipment

Hydrexcel focuses on the optimal manufacturing of your industrial equipment. From prefabricated steel equipment to assembly, from custom steel parts to our specialized welding service, we have an expanded product line to meet your exact needs. Moreover, thanks to the grouping of our services, the quality of processes and finished products is assured during all the manufacturing stages: folding, cutting, rolling and more.

Precision Machining

To ensure your turnkey projects, Hydrexcel has a precision machining department. We are therefore able to manufacture your small to medium sized steel parts while applying the same rigorous process of quality control.

Industrial Painting Service

With the objectives of controlling the quality of the manufacturing of your industrial equipment, ensuring your deadlines and remaining competitive in our submissions, we have a finishing department where steel shot blasting as well as that the service of liquid industrial paint are offered to you at competitive prices.

Installation of industrial machinery

Our professionals offer you an efficient and precise installation service ensuring maximum use of your new industrial machinery. In addition, for over 30 years, occupational health and safety has been an important part of the job site and with our vast experience, you can fully trust our staff for whom a quality installation is irreproachable and undeniable.

Related services

  • Mechanical and hydraulic assembly
  • Cutting
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Shot blasting
  • Staff outsourcing
  • Workshop drawing
  • Delivery

High lifting and lifting capacities

At Hydrexcel, we are equipped to handle the smallest and the biggest projects that you entrust to us. We have a lifting capacity of up to 20,000 pounds and a height capacity of up to 19 feet under the hook.

Mechanical equipment

  • Shear ½ in x 10 ft
  • Multiple shears (iron worker)
  • Press 300T x 12 ft²
  • Press brake CNC 3 axes 300T x 12 ft²
  • Plate roller
  • Oxycutting
  • Bandsaw
  • Multiple drilling tools
  • Positioner
  • Threading machine
  • Pipe-bending machine
  • Welders (steel, aluminum, SS)
  • Etc.

Hydraulics and machining equipment

  • Lathe
  • Milling machine
  • Radial drill
  • Edger
  • Hydraulic test bench
  • Honeuse
  • Press hose connectors
  • Pipe-bending machine
  • Etc.

Other equipment

  • Blast rooms 32 in x 16 ft x 18 ft tall
  • Painting room 50 ft x 50 ft x 18 ft tall
  • Delivery truck
  • Installation truck
  • Installation towing

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