Improving efficiency with belt conveyors - Barrette Structural

Barrette Structural, 50 years of expertise in the lumber industry

Barrette Structural has specialized in wooden structures for 50 years now. With over 700 employees in Québec and Ontario, this major company has known significant growth through its large-scale projects.

Industry : Manufacturing industry

Project Category : Handling and conveying systems, Case Studies

Company name : Barrette Structural

Location: Trois-Rivières, Mauricie

A performing conveying system and an optimized production line

Being an in-demand company such as Barrette Structural, being equipped with automated and performing conveyor systems is essential. Project directors needed a company to help them standardize and accelerate their operations through complex conveyor system solutions. Hydrexcel was mandated to manufacture a user-friendly belt conveyor for the Barrette Structural team while being safe and automated to reduce labor needs. With our help, Barrette Structural successfully diversified its employees’ tasks while improving their safety and performance.

Not a constraint-free process

Indeed, constraints and challenges often show in this type of project. Our team of administrators had to develop solutions with agility to ensure an optimal manufacturing process. Our administrators had to ensure :

  • the product flatness while rigorously respecting the tolerancing ; 
  • the industrial equipment security by identifying the equipment with the right painting ; 
  • the accurate operating of the belt for an optimized handling.

Delivery schedules were respected, and challenges overcame through our team of experts. Our complete manufacturing process makes us a strategic partner for your project. Learn more here.

Hydrexcel’s manufacturing
process for this projec








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Trustworthy partners

“To optimize our production lines and ensure our products are adequately manufactured, finding the right partner to manufacture our handling equipment is essential. By choosing Hydrexcel, we rest assured that our equipment will meet top quality standards and will be delivered in the right quantity at the expected time. Their project directors’ collaboration and experience are very appreciated.”

– Maël Lavallée, Project director