Manufacturing a railing batch – Nico Métal

Nico Métal, 43 years of durable steel structures

Manufacturing steel frames since 1979, Nico Métal is a company with over 100 employees who worked on many large-scale sites. Its masterful growth makes it an inescapable company in the manufacturing sector.

Industry : Manufacturing industry

Project Category : Wrought iron, Case studies

Company name : Nico Métal

Location: Trois-Rivières, Mauricie

Durable guard rails for risk-free operations

To ensure the safety of the operations for its new project and the people working on it, Nico Métal leaned toward Hydrexcel, ordering a large batch of guardrails. Project administrators were looking for a company manufacturing wrought iron equipment tested and certified for heavy-duty tasks. By knowing they are working in a safe environment, employees can develop their full potential with peace of mind.

A one of a kind manufacturing process

Before starting the manufacturing process, our team of administrators met with Nico Métal’s to fully comprehend what was expected from them. The manufacturing method often is the main issue since the solidity of the equipment depends on it. We then embark on the project, applying our meticulous manufacturing process led by an experienced team. Thanks to our complex project management, we were able to deliver the products in the promised time, allowing us to maintain an excellent relationship with our partners.

Hydrexcel’s manufacturing
process for this projec


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Developing safely, with confidence

“When we have large projects to achieve, knowing we can lean on our partners is essential. Hydrexcel helps us with wrought iron manufacturing. From guardrails to aluminum gateways, we know we will receive our order in time and that their products will meet the quality standards required. Their experienced team allows us to delegate with complete trust.”

– Guy Pageau, Nico Métal